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Psychic Radio Show

Listen to Neon Dreamer live on Sunday nights 12–2 a.m. on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto.

Diana Piruzevska shines a Light in the Dark — answering your calls & giving psychic advice — with music by DJ Mystiq.

Sunday Nights
12:00AM – 2:00AM

Latest show

Sunday February 25, 2019

Download or stream the latest episode of the Neon Dreamer radio show from CIUT 89.5 FM.


Neon Dreams

Writing, poetry, pictures, reflections, meditations, spreads, readings.


Psychic & Medium

Tarot / Crystal Ball

Tarot should not simply used for "fortune telling" or future predicting. Tarot is more about uncovering the unconscious than revealing the future — delving deep rather than skipping ahead.

Neon Dreamer uses her ability to go into your hidden depths, uncovering parts of your unconscious mind, clearing blockages and showing you what you may not be seeing within yourself.

  • Tarot readings

    One-on-one readings with tarot cards and crystal ball.


  • Aura Portraits

    Aura portraits are vibrant reflections of your radiant self.


  • Event Bookings

    Add some magic to your next event.


In the depths I radiate radiate radiate In the stillness I am light In the shadows just out of sight I feel you there waiting


Diana Piruzevska aka Neon Dreamer is an artist, musician, photographer, filmmaker, poet, radio host and psychic.

Through her art and spiritual practice Diana uses her mediumistic connections to channel wisdom and inspiration from the Higher Source.

As she begins to understand how she can integrate all facets of her Self and Experience as one continuum, she hopes that inviting people on her journey will help them discover themselves along the way.


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