Radio Show – Mar 17th 2019


This is the Neon Dreamer broadcast from March 17th, 2019. Lots of good stuff here, you should give it a listen!

The intro to this week’s episode are the lyrics to a song I wrote this past autumn.

Though, it was a poem first, then I added music and it became a song… So, maybe it’s still a poem, without music..?

Well, no matter what it is, where it is is below (and on at the top of the radio broadcast).

Please, enjoy. x0


hearts retreat from love
like moths turned to dust
by flame
daring dreamers
drawn out from their cover
of darkness
conquered and conjured
like magic, mysteries unfold(ing)
like wings
raise them from their sleep
to kiss the stars, scattered
‘cross skies
unconscious explorers
elevate to ecstatic exhalation
but still, bearing
witness to our blessings.