Workshop! Sat March 23, 2019

EAST END FRIENDS!! I will be running another INTUITION & INSIGHT workshop this Saturday March 23rd at Oma Chiropractic & Wellness Centre.

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Intuition is our direct connection to insight, the divine, and our Higher Self. When we open ourselves to accepting that connection we gain access to a whole new level of knowledge and understanding. In this workshop, we will be exploring how to allow space for our intuition to grow, learn how trust wisdom we receive, and develop tools and practices that will increase our capacity for receiving insights.

Topics covered will include:
• What is intuition?
• How to make space for insight by grounding and centring
• How to ask questions that can be answered
• How to listen and HEAR answers
• Introduction to tools
• Differentiating between negative self-talk and insight
• Acceptance and Intentions
+ more….